Street foods, sazón and spice: SXSW 2014 edition

Photo credits to Pete Gulezian (tight pants cyclist & foodie at large)

Every year in March a mob of young hipsters in tight jeans and thick framed glasses descend upon Austin,TX holding badges, writs-bands and dreams of being the next new-hot start up.  This craziness transforms this quirky and fiercely independent Texas city into a Disneyland for freelance creative types of all kinds.

This mix of innovation and music-loving crowds create a perfect eco-system for upcoming chefs and local entrepreneurs in food trucks, trailers and pedal bikes to showcase their newest creations in hopes that they too will hit it big and become the next Paul Qui.

I’m just a neighbor and friend walking around in the middle of this craziness, so I decided to embark on a delicious mission.  Head out to meet, greet and taste as much of all this amazing food that is out there for us to sample.  No better way to gain inspiration for the next kitchen experiment.  I enlisted a few friends, got tickets, twitter, and a secret map to a food crawl trail and off we go.

My predictions: Meat sweats, food commas, slight hangovers, and a few great pictures to document it all.


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